I’ve come to realize that I grew up in Thneedville — there wasn’t a physical wall, but we didn’t have internet, 24/7 news and TV, or Social Media, so it wasn’t possible to see how what we did as a family impacted the world around us.  In fact, we had a city park known as “Mt. Trashmore” that was built on top of a landfill, which totally skewed my perceptions of what a landfill truly was.  That was then, now I am a parent of a young daughter and the science and news bombards my family on multiple screens throughout the day, and I have torn down the wall.

As small business owners and parents, we are taking responsibility for the impact our business and our family have on this planet.  Although we have always recycled at home, we recognize that it is time to do much more.  With the ringing in of 2019, we embarked on the commitment to substantially eliminate our plastic waste stream, and in doing so have come to realize that this path will present serious challenges and obstacles, including financial, habitual, and practical.  Plastic is involved in nearly everything we use in our daily lives and each little wrapper adds up.  Plastic alternatives and commercial recycling present financial challenges and sometimes there are no alternatives currently available.   So we are regrouping, looking to pool resources, and going DIY where we can.  

If you would like to join us, pool resources, or have resources and information you’d like to share with us please stop by our Taproom or leave a comment.